Surfing is and always will be a sport of intensity and the shared experience of the power of the ocean. With time and technology, surfing has evolved with the decades and rapid industrial growth. Needless to say, surfing is pretty popular and Gibbard Web Design is proud to be working with one of the top surf brands for over a decade.

Rusty Surfboards – named after owning local San Diego surfer Rusty Preisendorfer – sold its popular clothing line in the 90’s. Rusty still retained full rights to surfboards, distribution and local stores. Working closely with Rusty we developed 2 branded local eCommerce store solutions.

We encourage you to look at Rusty Del Mar and Rusty La Jolla on any device, mobile or desktop. And if you’re in the area playing in the sand… Stop by and say hi and tell them Gibbard Web Design sent you.